Garden City will be working over the next couple of years on rewriting the Garden City Development Code.

The existing zoning code is outdated. Much of the existing code was drafted in the 1950 and 1970s with the last significant review in 2008. Our city has changed significantly throughout time, and so have the planning tools we use and rely on to preserve what makes Garden City special and improve our city as it grows.

A new zoning code is necessary to successfully implement the comprehensive plan. The new  development code will also shape a clear path forward to preserve the aspects of Garden City that make it special, while also serving the needs of our city today and into the future.

The Process

Phase One: Organization.  During phase one known needs, code amendments that are relatively straight forward, will be adopted to establish a base to work from.  There will be outreach to determine additional needs.

Phase Two: Assessment and outreach.

Phase Three: A committee and potential subcommittees will be established to work through revisions to the development code.

Phase Four: Public Review, including workshops and open houses.

Phase Five: Revisions and Adoption

Ordinances as Part of Phase One

This is currently occurring. The below links are to code amendments that are in the works or have been completed.

CPAFY2022-0001  Tiny Homes- (proposed by a member of the community-EXPIRED) 

CPAFY2022-0002 - Flood Hazard (ADOPTED)

CPAFY2022-0003- Design Review Process (ADOPTED)

CPAFY2022-0004 - Accessory Dwelling Units (ADOPTED) 

CPAFY2022-0005 - Live-Work-Create District Repeal & Design Review Finding (ADOPTED)

CPAFY2022-0006- Parking (ADOPTED)

CPAFY2022-0010 - Small Cell (ADOPTED)

CPAFY2023-0001 - Sureties (ADOPTED)

CPAFY2023-0002 - Extensions (ADOPTED)

CPAFY2023-0003 - Floodplain (PENDING)

CPAFY2024-0003 - Extensions (PENDING)

CPAFY2024-0004 - Buffers (PENDING)


ULI Recommendations

American Planning Association, Design Review: Guiding Better Development (Consultant Ordinance (Ordinance 1026-22)


Children's Corner

Planning According to the Kids


On October 10, 2022  Robin's 1st Grade Class at Anser made urban plans.  They were complete with parks, schools, and even a landfill.