City Attorney

The principal function of a city attorney is to be a legal advisor, performing professional legal representation involving civil litigation and criminal prosecution, and providing legal counsel to the Mayor, City Council, and City employees. A city attorney also serves as the executive officer of the City Legal Department with the responsibility of planning and directing all the functions, activities, and operations of the department. Work includes litigation and prosecutorial duties, and rendering legal opinions for City officials and departments. This work is performed under the supervision of the Mayor.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities (Illustrative Only)
  •          Provides legal counsel, advice, and services to the Mayor, City Council, and City departments;
  •          Researches legal issues, laws, statutes and court rulings, and prepares findings and opinions as directed by the Mayor and City Council;
  •          Investigates claims and complaints by or against the City;
  •          Negotiates civil and/or criminal case settlements involving the City;
  •          Prosecutes criminal cases before the Magistrate Division of the District Court, and appeals from the Magistrate Division to the District Court and other courts of record.
If you have any further questions, please see our department's Frequently Asked Questions page.
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