Garden City Transportation

Garden City's transportation system is overseen by several agencies. The cities within Ada County have a unique transportation system that is different than any other. Ada County Highway District (ACHD), an independent government entity oversees the local streets.

The city is the lead agency for the greenbelt, nature paths, and other bike and pedestrian pathways.

Although the city does not build or maintain roadways, the city is involved in the planning and programming processes. Among some of the steps that the city takes to help find and support solutions to Garden City's transportation needs are the following:

  • The city provides policing of the public rights-of-way.
  • Many citizens do not know that the road system is separate from the city.  Subsequently, many of the citizens concerns are directed to the city staff.
  • Garden City reviews and adopts an annual Transportation Needs List.  This list informs an annual prioritization of projects that the city requests of ACHD.
  • The Development Services, and sometimes Public Works and Police Department are very involved with plans and studies that are initiated by other agencies.
  • Development Services staff coordinate the construction of land use, utility, and transportation projects through redevelopment.
  • Public Works and Development Services partner with the transportation agencies to plan for the installation of city services, like sewer and water, concurrently with a roadway project.
  • Garden City seeks and secure funds for projects.
  • The city facilitates public-private partnerships resulting in road improvements years ahead of when they would otherwise be constructed.
  • Development Services ensures that ACHD has collected road impact fees from new developments. These funds are then used to build additional capacity (e.g. - additional travel lanes) on arterial and sometimes collector roads.
  • The city collaborates with Community Planning Association (COMPASS), our metropolitan planning organization, on studies and projects that best serve our region today and into the future.




Garden City Livable Streets Plan

ACHD and Garden City co-developed the Garden City Livable Streets Plan to establish a strategy to guide and coordinate future development and transportation planning. The goal is to create appealing neighborhoods for residents and businesses with streets and facilities that support all modes of transportation (pedestrians, bicyclists, transit, and motorists).

Thank you to the consultant team Vitruvian Planning, Kostelec Planning, Precision Engineering, and Harmony Design and Engineering.

Garden City Transportation Needs List

 Every year Garden City adopts a Transportation Needs List that is comprised of needs identified by the community.  This list is then sent to the transportation agencies to inform their projects.  For more information click on the above "Garden City Transportation Needs List"

Ada County Highway District Integrated Five Year Work Plan

Integrated Five Year Work Program (IFYWP) sets forth the strategies, projects and priorities which the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) will pursue over the next five years.  Every year Garden City provides a ranking of the City's priorities to ACHD to be included in the AACHD IFYWP.  Click on the above "Ada County Highway District Integrated Five Year Work Plan" to find out more.