Garden City West Bridge

The ‘West Bridge’, is a bike and pedestrian bridge  located in unincorporated property within Ada County, just east of Eagle Island on the south side of the Boise River and on the north side near the juncture of three neighborhoods: Edgewater Estates, Woods at Riverside No. 2 and Ulmer Lane Townhome subdivisions in Garden City. The proposed bridge measures 12 feet wide and  spans approximately 175 feet over the Boise River. 

The bridge connects an existing stretch of greenbelt on the north side of the river to a 3.2-mile pathway recently constructed generally between Eagle Road and Glenwood Boulevard on the south side of the river.  This will be a crucial link for safe biking and pedestrian opportunities for greenbelt users wanting to access locations such as Eagle Island, Boise Water Shed, Hewlett Packard, Boise Bible College and area schools.

Phase I: Deciding to build bridge In 2010 Garden City started exploring a bike pedestrian bridge just east of the head of Eagle Island. The City received hundreds of signatures on petitions along with numerous written and oral comments in favor of the bridge. The Garden City Council decided to formally apply for funding and move forward with the bridge.

Phase II: Procuring funding A number of grant applications were prepared. In 2012 Garden City received a Federal funding for Fiscal Year 2013 in addition to a grant from Idaho Parks and Recreation. Additional funding has been provided by Garden City, Ada County, J-U-B Engineering and Specialty Environmental.

Phase III: Design
The Garden City West Bridge completed the ‘Design’ of the West Bridge in May of 2014. The design phase includes: crafting agreements with the various entities that will be working on the bridge or will be impacted by the bridge, a thorough analysis of exactly how the bridge needs to be engineered, how the bridge will affect the river system, including habitat and cultural resources and what needs to be done so that the bridge will not adversely affect these resources. There was an open house held on September 17, 2013 to share a preliminary design concept. Once the preliminary design was decided on, we continued to work with all concerned parties to ensure the best possible design with the least impact.

Phase IV: ConstructionThe final step of the bridge was construction. The City has entered into a contract with Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) for construction management. ITD administered the bid for the construction of the West Bridge. The bid was awarded to Knife River. Knife River will start construction at the beginning of 2015. 

Phase V: Completion:  On June 16, 2015 the bridge and connecting pathway wer dedicated and officially opened to the public.  Shortly after opening the bridge recieved an Idaho Smart Growth, Grow Smart Award


Thank you to the many supporters!  We couldn't have done this without you.

Grant Funding

  • Recreational Trails Program (RTP) Grant from Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Transportation, Community and System Preservation Program (TSCP) from Federal Highway Administration (FWHA) administered by Idaho Transportation Department (ITD)

Local Funding

  • City of Garden City
  • Ada County

Volunteers and Donors

  • Jeanne Barker- Garden City Resident
  • Karl Gebhardt- Resource Systems, Inc.
  • Foundation for Ada/Canyon Trail Systems (F.A.C.T.S.)

Project Team

  • Garden City Mayor and Council
  • J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc.- Grants; Design Engineering
  • Idaho Transportation Department (ITD)
  • Garden City Staff
  • Jerry Hastings- Ada County Survey
  • Karl Gebhardt- Resource Systems, Inc.
  • CH2MHill
  • Community Planning Association (COMPASS)
  • Knife River - Construction
  • T-O Engineering-Construction Engineering/ Inspection
  • B&A Engineering- Pathway Design
  • The Land Group- Landscape Design

Project Advocates

  • Ada County Board of Commissioners
  • Ada County Highway District (ACHD) Bicycle Advisory Committee
  • Ada County Highway District- Director Wong
  • Boise Watershed Exhibit, Inc.
  • City of Boise- Mayor Bieter
  • City of Eagle- Mayor Reynolds
  • Clenments Concrete
  • DeChambeaue Family Trust
  • Flake Country Subdivision Homeowner’s Association
  • Flood Control District 10
  • Foundation for Ada/Canyon Trail Systems (F.A.C.T.S.)
  • Pioneer Irrigation
  • Riverside Village Homeowner’s Association
  • Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance
  • Ulmer Hollow Homeowner’s Association
  • Water Ski Pro Shop
  • Petition Signers and 71 Residents