Ada County Fairgrounds Redevelopment Study

While the Expo Idaho property is in the center of Garden City, it is not annexed and is still a part of Ada County's jurisdiction.  

The Board of Ada County Commissioners has received a study which outlines some potential redevelopment options for Ada County’s Western Idaho Fairgrounds/Expo Idaho property. Acting on a recommendation from Ada County’s Western Idaho Fair Advisory Board, the Commissioners have decided not to explore redeveloping the Western Idaho Fair/Expo Idaho property anytime soon.

In 2007, Colliers International studied the redevelopment potential of the 240-acre property.  Ada County asked Colliers to examine whether it would be feasible to sell all, or portions of the property to fund the redevelopment or relocation of the aging Western Idaho Fair/Expo Idaho facilities.

During the 15-month study, Colliers analyzed the property’s current condition and market value. Colliers International identified three potential redevelopment strategies for Ada County Commissioners to consider.


This plan creates approximately 94 acres of mixed-use (commercial/residential) property Ada County could sell to help cover the cost of renovations and redevelopment.

Renovations to the existing facilities would include:

  1. Upgrading and modernizing all Expo Idaho facilities and adding a commercial kitchen for catering events
  2. Moving the Western Idaho Fair Food Court and Midway north of revitalized Expo Idaho facilities
  3. Relocating the 14-acre RV Park currently located adjacent to the Boise River to the northernmost corner of the property
  4. Upgrading seating capacity for the Boise Hawks stadium and renovating the parking lot facilities so stadium owners could charge for parking when the stadium is in use


This plan creates between 90 and 150 acres of mixed-use (commercial/residential) property Ada County could sell to help fund recommended facility upgrades.

This option identified four different redevelopment scenarios, several involved moving the fairgrounds to a new location and making significant changes to the Expo Idaho property. The basic tenets of these varying models included:

  1. Eliminating the RV Park on the property
  2. Increasing the size of the Expo Idaho building and adding a commercial kitchen to the facilities
  3. Upgrading and modernizing all Expo Idaho facilities
  4. Moving the fairgrounds to an off-site location, and eliminating the Les Bois Park facility to accommodate the expansion and necessary renovations


This plan examined the potential of selling the entire 240-acre Western Idaho Fair/Expo Idaho property for private development. Revenues from the sale of the property would help fund the relocation and construction of new fairgrounds and Expo Idaho facilities elsewhere in Ada County.

The consultants initially identified Murgurtio Park, situated between Cole and Maple Grove Roads in south Boise, as a potential location for relocation. Upon further examination it was determined the land did not have the necessary infrastructure to handle traffic generated by fairgoers. Colliers identified another potential site near Kuna Mora Road but later determined current market values prohibited the county from generating enough revenue from the sale of the Western Idaho Fair/Expo Idaho property to fully cover the cost of redevelopment.

Please click on "Colliers Report" below to read the report.