Site Posting

Posting On The Site: A public notice shall be posted by the applicant on the premises for which the permit is sought. The notice shall be posted not less than ten (10) days prior to the public hearing.

a. Notice Form: The notice shall be in substantial compliance with the following form:

b. Notice Size: The notice(s) shall consist of a four foot by four foot (4' x 4') plywood or other hard surface mounted on two (2) four inch by four inch (4" x 4") posts.

c. Notice Lettering: Centered at the top of the four foot by four foot (4' x 4') notice(s) in six inch (6") letters shall be the words "City of Garden City Public Hearing Notice". The date of the hearing shall be in bold four inch (4") letters. The remainder of the notice shall be in two inch (2") letters. Each notice shall be painted white, and the letters shall be painted black and shall appear on both sides.

d. Notice Content: Each notice shall inform the public of the nature of the hearing, the date, time and address of the hearing location, a summary of the proposal to be considered, a city contact phone number, the location of the development and the name of the applicant, and if applicable, the proposed development.

e. Notice Placement: The notices shall be posted on the property being considered along each street that is adjacent to the subject property boundaries. The notice(s) shall be located on the property, outside of the public right-of-way. If the notice cannot be placed on the property and still be clearly visible, the notice may be placed within the right-of-way if the applicant can obtain the consent of the owner of the right-of-way. The notice shall be posted perpendicular to the street and mounted so that the bottom of the notice is at least three feet (3') above the ground.

f. Proof Of Posting: The applicant shall submit a notarized statement and a photograph of the posting to the city no later than seven (7) days prior to the public hearing attesting to where and when the notice(s) were posted. Unless the statement is received by such date, the hearing will be continued.  Posting Verification Form

g. Notice Removal: The notice(s) shall be removed no later than three (3) days after the public hearing for which the notice(s) had been posted is ended.