What to Expect at a Hearing

At times there are hearing items that are not problematic or controversial.  In such instances the Chair will confirm that the applicant has read the staff report and agrees with draft conditions of approval, that there is no one who wishes to provide testimony in opposition, and that the deciding body does not see a reason to have further discussion.  If all three conditions are true, the deciding body may choose to move the item to the Consent Agenda.  

 The deciding bodies follow parliamentary proceedings.  For each item that is heard the following procedures will be adhered to:

  • First: Applicant (to describe application and reasons that it meets requirements) – not to exceed fifteen (15) minutes.
  • Second: Staff explanation –  fifteen (15) minutes.
  • Third: Public testimony – pro, neutral, and con – three (3) minutes per person (up to fifteen (15) minutes for spokesman in cases where spokesmen are pre-authorized by the chairman).
  • Forth: Rebuttal by the applicant (no new evidence unless specifically allowed by the Committee/Commission/Council, or the Chairperson/Mayor – only information from the record to rebut assertions by contrary testimony) – as needed.
  • Fifth: The decision making body will deliberate and make a decision or recommendation.
  • No person shall be permitted to testify or speak before the hearing agency at a public hearing unless such person has signed his/her name and written his/her contact address on sign-up sheets to be provided by the city.