TDS Telecom is operating under the authority of a State of Idaho Franchise Agreement. Garden City has no permitting or regulatory authority regarding the fiber installation.  TDS is authorized to work within the ACHD right-of-way.  ACHD inspectors will be the agents to ensure repairs are done to ACHD standards.


If you are experiencing construction issues, please call the triage number found on the bottom of the Construction Notice Postcard.  This will allow TDS to generate an internal ticket documenting the issue(s).  


A note from TDS Telecom:

TDS is in the process of building a fiber optic network in Garden City. A contractor will be in your area marking existing underground utilities prior to construction beginning. During construction existing utility easements and public rights-of-way will be used as much as possible, however there will be areas where digging is required. Construction will be completed as quickly as possible. Followed by prompt clean up and restoration to any areas disrupted by construction.  If you need further assistance or additional information, please call the construction hotline 1-855-259-8576 or visit TDS appreciates your assistance and patience. 

A note from ACHD:

ACHD does have designated inspectors to oversee permits that are granted to TDS but it is best that TDS is contacted directly initially to afford them the opportunity to address the concern. TDS has an established triage line to handle concerns and answer questions. The TDS number is 1-855-259-8576. If in the event that they do not respond in a timely manner ACHD is more than willing to investigate and ensure that the appropriate corrections are made.