City of Garden City Transportation Needs List

Transportation is a system to help people and goods navigate to and within a community.  The transportation system affects the land uses, livability, utility infrastructure, policing, recreation, and economic status and opportunities of a community.  Multiple agencies within Garden City control the transportation system.

The different agencies have different needs, criteria, and funding programs.  This document serves as a document that addresses the combined transportation system needs within Garden City.  It is updated and adopted on an annual basis refining the identified needs, incorporating issues identified throughout the year, and removing items that have been addressed.

The vision of Garden City is that of an economically healthy, safe, and vibrant city that has several destination locations that are distinct in character that provide a variety of housing choices, commerce, public space, and activities. Garden City is ideally located as it is contained by Boise and Eagle City limits and is in very close proximity to the two regional hubs of downtown Boise and Meridian.  The City is a small community that offers urban recreational and employment opportunities.  The vision of Garden City includes providing for areas with higher density, quality residential choices so that a critical mass for commercial support businesses can be achieved in a sustainable and an attractive way.  The City wishes to partner with the transportation authorities to create non auto oriented travel choices that allow people to easily move within Garden City.