Garden City street lighting system consists of a combination of lights owned by the City, Idaho Power and Home Owners association. Streetlights are installed as a requirement for development or part of a street upgrade.

Questions or requests for information concerning street lighting on public streets should be directed to:

 Olesya Durfey

Special Assistant to Public Works Director


phone:  (208) 472-2949


Streetlight Outage or Damage

Please click on Streetlight Outage or Damage to let us know about the streetlight that is out or damaged.  Thank you!

New Streetlight

If you are developing or redeveloping please review the Garden City Streetlight Guideline to see if you will be required to construct a new streetlight.  If required to install streetlights please review the copy of the Garden City Streetlight Standards and a copy of the Streetlight Agreement that you can enter into with the City.  Please click on above "New Streetlight" for a copy of these documents.

For any additional questions please contact the Development Services staff at (208) 472-2921