Demolition Permit & Erosion Sediment Control Requirements

Submit a complete application package to

PLEASE NOTE: We will not accept incomplete applications or applications that refer to materials in other applications. 


For a demolition permit you will need to fill out and submit the Demolition Permit Application and associated information identified on the application. You will also need a General Sediment and Erosion Control Application (GEP) for earth work will be done. If work will be done in the floodplain, a Floodplain Permit may be necessary, please refer to Floodplain Development.

In conjunction with the demolition permit you may need to have a plumbing permit through Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses (DOPL) that verifies that that the water and sewer will/has been capped off properly. 


If trees are being removed from the property a Certified Arborist report will be required.

For questions related to the Erosion and Sediment Control Construction Plan, please contact the Public Works Department (208) 472-2949.

Fees Include: 

Demolition Permit: $26.25

Environmental Review: $82.69

GEP Permit: $75.00

** Initial Erosion inspection: $75.00

** Final Erosion inspection: $55.13

$53.00 per tree removal

Plumbing Permit: To be determined by DOPL


When Permit(s) Are Issued:

You are required to call for the following inspections:

  1. An initial Erosion Sediment Control inspection to make sure that your BMPs are in place.
  2. A Final inspection to make sure that the site has been cleaned, capped off, and the BMPs have been removed.

For information on scheduling inspections please click here.


An Erosion Control Permit and plan is required for land disturbing or other construction activities.
No final plat, subdivision site development plan, site plan, grading permit, building permit, or public works project shall be approved without an approved erosion control plan. 


General Erosion and Sediment Control Permit

The General permit is issued for construction demolition and site development for residential projects, non-residential projects, and utility trench excavation.


Annual Erosion and Sediment Control Permit

The Annual permit is issued for minor disturbances which are not exempted by ordinance.  The permit may include utility installation, project staging, stockpile storage and other activities.

1. The annual permit will be issued to a single permit holder for minor projects and is valid for one year from the permit issue date.

2. The permit will cover the following activities:

  •     Projects where disturbances are 100 lineal feet or less of lineal construction
  •     Equipment staging and or stockpile soil areas of equal to or less than 1/4 acres.
  •     Sign installation

3. Holders of annual permits are required to notify the City of Garden City of upcoming projects prior to the start of work.

Fees: The cost for an Annual permit is $105 and requires an initial inspection fee of $75.00 and final inspection fee of $55.13 for each project.


For more information related to the permit requirements or how to become a responsible person, please contact the Public Works Environmental Division