Design Professional Requirements

The Project Owner must designate the licensed architect or engineer who is the project's Registered Design Professional in Responsible Charge. The designated architect/engineer must be a licensed professional and is responsible for reviewing and coordinating all submittal documents prepared by consultants for compatibility with the building design. Documents may include deferred submittals, special instructions and structural observations.

Garden City's policies require that architectural drawings are required to be provided by a licensed professional. 

The following exceptions for architectural stamped plans:
1) Occupancy Groups B, F1, F2, M, S1, and S2 not exceeding two (2) stories and 6,000 square feet total area may be prepared, signed, & sealed by a professional engineer licensed by the State of Idaho.
2) Interior Tenant Improvements, where no change of use or occupancy is occurring, within existing tenant spaces of 1,500 square feet or less for existing A, B, E, F1, F2, M, S1, and S2 Occupancies.
3) Where work scope is limited to interior nonbearing partitions not exceeding sixty (60) lineal feet.
4) When there is no proposed alteration to the structure.


Plans not drafted by a licensed professional are still to be legible and provide all applicable information.