Business Compliance Verification and Occupancy Analysis

In the State of Idaho, for municipalities that have adopted building codes, prior to opening the doors of your company, you will need to have a Certificate of Occupancy for your business posted at the location where you will be doing business.

Business Compliance Application

This application is utilized when there is only a change to ownership, or the name of the business and no operational changes will occur. 

The Business Compliance process is also utilized when the structure is legally constructed for the proposed building occupancy as defined by the International Building Code as currently adopted for the State of Idaho, and there are no proposed modifications to the structure that would necessitate a building permit. Therefore, a building review is unnecessary, however, reviews for compliance with other codes are still necessary (zoning, fire, and environmental). To utilize this process, you must be able to demonstrate that the structure was constructed to the proposed occupancy.  

If this pertains to you, please fill out the Business Compliance Verification Application.

Acceptable documentation to demonstrate that the structure was constructed to a given occupancy include:

  1. A Certificate of Occupancy or Compliance noting the occupancy, or
  2. Reviews from either the Fire Department or Building Official when it is clear that the building was finalized in accordance with the reviews, or
  3. Plans that identify the occupancy when it is clear that the building was finalized in accordance with the plans; or
  4. A form signed by the building plan review indicating that a building permit is not required.


Occupancy Analysis Application  

Sometimes there is no documentation proving that the structure was reviewed and permitted as the occupancy that is requested. In this situation, a building reviewer must review the plans to ensure that it appears that the structure was built to standards to safely sustain the requested occupancy. In this situation you would utilize an Occupancy Analysis ApplicationThis process may trigger required structural updates.

Required Reviews


  • Environmental * James Pavelek
  • Fire
  • Structural* IDOPL (for Occupancy Analysis only)
  • Zoning * Betty Gumm

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