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PLEASE NOTE: We will not accept incomplete applications or applications that refer to materials in other applications.  


Manufactured/Mobile Home Installation Permit Application
All manufactured and mobile homes require a permit prior to being occupied.


Before Applying, please:

  1. Determine if you are in an approved park. If not in an approved park, your application will be processed as a single-family home. It will need to be declared real property with the Ada County Assessor (and verification submitted with your application). The home placement and standards including density, number of homes, frontage, garage, sidewalk, setbacks, etc. will need to meet single-family standards. Please refer to Garden City Code 8-4B-3 for more information.
  2. Make sure that the park and space are compliant to allow for the placement of the home. Please reference: Garden City Code 8-4J: Manufactured and Mobile Home Provisions.
  3. Have a licensed contractor.

Review Process & Procedures: 

A review of the submitted application materials is handled by the Assistant Planner. When the application is approved, an email will be sent to the applicant of record with the Install Permit, Plan Review and Site Plan. The email will include detailed instructions of all steps necessary to install your home with the required inspections. We recommend that you reach out to the individual reviewers/inspectors if you have questions.


When Your Permit is Issued: 
Invoices must be paid in full prior to your permit being issued. Please make sure to print out a copy of the stamped approved plans to maintain on site and have your permit posted and clearly visible on the home. If the permit and plans are not available to inspectors, they may not perform the inspection, and this can result in additional charges. 

Standard Inspections Include (in order):

  • Grading
  • Foundation
  • Planning, includes verification of:
  1. There are 2 code compliant parking spaces (9’X21’)
  2. The space is at least 4,000 square feet
  3. Park Identification sign is code compliant
  4. Setbacks are at a minimum of:

                       i.    9’ front yard

                       ii.    20’ side (unless a reduction has been approved by the fire authority, then there is a 15’ minimum)

                       iii.    6’ rear 

  • There is a 40 square foot or greater storage space
  • There is a minimum of 120 square feet of usable outdoor space free from parking or storage for the home that is surfaced with concrete or other rigid material
  • The home is placed on an appropriately sized pad
  • The park contains 150 square feet of common open space per unit in the park
  • The space is identified with space numbers that reflect the actual space number (this is critical for emergency services)
  • Home is skirted.
  • Final, includes verification of:
  1. Code is compliant with Idaho Code section 44-2202
  2. There are no additions or overt alterations to the home
  3. Code complaint steps

**You must also obtain and complete a
 Plumbing Permit and Electrical Permit for connections from Idaho Department of Building Safety.


While the above provides the general inspections required, it is your responsibility to know which inspections to request and schedule. If you have any questions, please reach out to the individual inspectors.


Finishing your Project:

Before you can occupy the structure, you must first obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.  To request a Certificate of Occupancy be sure:

  • All inspections are complete and approved.
  • The plumbing permit number has been provided to the City and shows final approval.
  • The electric permit number has been provided to the City and shows final approval.
  • All fees have been paid.
  • If the home is in a floodplain, please provide the final Elevation Certificate to the City.
  • The Manufactured Home Installation Basic Safety Inspection Checklist has been filled out completely by the installer and contractors and sent to or drop it by City Hall.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does the issuance of a permit take?

It is worth the time and effort to make sure that the application documents are complete, clear, and code compliant. Incomplete applications will not be routed for review. Once all application documents have been submitted to the City, an invoice will be provided for payment. Once payment is received, the plans will be routed for review. If all required information is clear and indicates that the home is compliant with code, a permit can be anticipated in three weeks or less from the date that they are routed. However, for each resubmittal, please anticipate up to another three weeks from the date of receiving the resubmitted documentation.

Can I attach a deck, carport, or other structure to my home?

In order to attach to or structurally alter your home, you must apply for a Residential Building Permit. With the building permit application, you will need to provide an engineer’s analysis that the proposed structure does not compromise your home. For more information on how to apply for a building permit please refer to the Residential Building Permit User Guide

A carport or shed does not need a building permit if it is:

  • not permanently attached to the ground or another structure, and under 200 square feet
  • not in the front setback
  • a minimum of 70’ from the river


Can I have a structure in my setback?

You can have structures including steps, decks, non-enclosed patios and covered parking in the side setback so as long as there is a minimum of a 15’ setback, and building codes are met, including adequate ingress/egress.

My home is in the floodplain.  What more will I need to do?

Your home will need to be affixed to a foundation that meets floodplain standards. 

You will also need to provide an elevation certificate prior to moving in the home and a final elevation certificate after moving in the home. The home will be required to meet the Flood Hazard Standards


There was a home in the space previously, can I replace it?

Any replacement of a manufactured home within a manufactured park shall comply with the current code regulating the required standards of parks and homes.


My home was built prior to June 1976.  Is there anything additional I need to do?

Before placement of a mobile home built prior to June 1976 is allowed, further certification from the State of Idaho Division of Building Safety is required showing that the mobile home, including the completed improvements, meets current U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) standards.  Please contact Idaho Division of Building Safety for more information on the process. Or refer to their Manufactured Housing website.