Civil Plans (Public Works Application)

Submit a complete application package to
All materials are required electronically and 1 physical set of the associated Civil Plans is required

PLEASE NOTE: We will not accept incomplete applications or applications that refer to materials in other applications. 

For items that might not have an associated Building Permit or an associated approved Subdivision such as standalone grading, site preparation, or a water or sewer tap. A Public Works Permit is required. 

Hourly Review Fees Include:

Engineer Review: $150/hr
Administrative & Planning Reviews: $53/hr


You will also need a General Sediment and Erosion Control Application 

GEP Fees Include: 

Environmental Review: $82.69

GEP Permit: $75.00

** Initial Erosion inspection: $75.00

** Final Erosion inspection: $55.13


If work will be done in the floodplain/floodway, a Floodplain Permit may be necessary, please refer to Floodplain Development.
The form includes the required documentation based on the type of work that you are proposing. 

Fees Include: 

Work in the Floodplain 1 acre or less: $262.00
Work in the Floodplain greater than 1 acre to 10 acres: $500.00
Work in the Floodplain on more than 10 acres: $750
Development in or relocating the Floodway: $1,694
Engineer Review: $150/hr 


It is your responsibility to call for the following inspections:

  1. An initial Erosion Sediment Control inspection to make sure that your BMPs are in place.
  2. Associated Water and/or Sewer inspections
  3. A Final inspection to make sure that everything is constructed as approved and that the BMPs have been removed.


Find more information on scheduling inspections here.