Development Service Public Neighborhood Meeting

CPAFY2023-0003 Code Text Amendments - Floodplain Amending the following sections of Garden City Code: 8-4H Flood Hazard. The proposed amendments are to further increase the city of Garden City's compliance with applicable state and federal floodplain land use law and provide more clarity to existing provisions.
CPAFY2024-0003 Code Text Amendment - Extensions Amending sections of Garden City Code 8-6A General Provisions and 8-6A-8 Expiration of Approvals: The purpose of the amendment is to make substantive changes to the availability of extensions for application approvals and delegate more of the extension-granting oversight to the Development Services Department.
CPAFY2024-0004 Code Text Amendment - Buffers amending sections of the Garden City Code 8-2B Base Zoning District Provisions and 8-2B-1 Purpose, 8-2B-2 Allowed Uses, 8-2B-3 Form Standards; 8-4I Landscaping and Tree Provisions and 8-4I-5 Perimeter Landscaping Provisions; 8-4B Design Provisions for Residential Structures and 8-4B-4 Multi-Family Residential Dwelling Units; 8-4C Design Provisions for Nonresidential Structures and 8-4C-3 General Provisions For Nonresidential Development: The purpose of the amendment is to update zoning districts and their corresponding allowed uses and provide additional requirements that areas of properties subject to relatively higher public interaction.
CPAFY2024-0005 Code Text Amendment - Design Review The purpose of the amendment is to clarify if there is an objection to the Planning Official's decision if the City Council will hear the application as a de novo public hearing, or an appeal that is not de novo. The proposal also includes the proposal to delete: GCC 8-6B-3.F as it is a conflicting provision.
CPAFY2024-0006 Code Text Amendment - Planned Unit Development The purpose of the amendment is to refine the Planned Unit Development process to make and identify issues causing common waiver requests. Sections of code anticipated to be amended include 8-6A General Administration and 8-6B-7 Planned Unit Development, 8-4 Design and Development Regulations, 8-2 Base Zoning Regulations, and 8-7 References.
CPAFY2024-0007 Code Text Amendment - Required Improvements The purpose of the amendment is to clarify areas of the code to ensure objective standards of requirements, clarify applicability, add a provision for proportionality, and add a provision for reasonable accommodation. Sections of code anticipated to be amended include sections of code 8-4 Design and Development, 8-5 Land Division, 8-6 Administration, and 8-7 References.