CPAFY2018-7 - Comprehensive Plan Update - Approved

City of Garden City is requesting an amendment of the Garden City 2006 adopted Comprehensive Plan in order to identify significant changes in the community since the plan was adopted, amend the plan to reflect the completion of implementation actions, amend and add to the Goals, Policies and Strategic Actions to reflect changing priorities, ensure compliance with state statutes, and amend the land use map.

Design Review Committee: 3/18/2019 (Work Session)

Design Review Committee: 4/1/2019 (Work Session)

Design Review Committee: 4/15/2019 (Recommended Approval)

Planning and Zoning Commission: 3/20/2019 (Work Session)

Planning and Zoning Commission: 4/17/2019 (Recommended Approval)

City Council: 5/92019 (Work Session)

City Council: 7/8/2019 (Public Hearing)

City Council: 7/22/2019 (Decision continued from 7/8/2019 City Council)