DSRFY2019-9, CUPFY2019-9, VARFY2019-1 - 209 W. 36th St. - New Industry Flex Building - PENDING

Josh Beach with Conger Group is requesting approval of a new industrial flex building to be located at 209 W. 36th St., Ada County Parcel R2734531468. The 0.290 acre site is located in the general commercial (C-2) zoning district.

Planning and Zoning Commission: 5/15/2019 (Staff recommends a continuance to a date certain of June 19, 2019 due to noncompliance with required property posting requirements pursuant to GCC 8-6A-7)

Design Review Committee: 5/20/2019 (Pre-Application Request)

Planning and Zoning Commission: 6/19/2019