CUPFY2019-3 - 403 E. 52nd St. - 2 Single Family Residences (Minimum Density Reduction) - Approved with Conditions

Dustin and Dyan Bevins are requesting Conditional Use Permit approval for 2 single family residences at 403 E. 52nd Street, Garden City, ID 83714; Ada County Parcel R7334160660. The 0.344 acre site is in the Medium Density Residential (R-3) zoning district, which requires a conditional use permit for less than 14 dwelling units per acre in Transit Oriented Development (TOD) locations of the Comprehensive Plan. This property is located in the Mixed Use Residential and TOD designations of the Comprehensive Plan.

Planning and Zoning Commission: 3/20/2019 (Approved with Conditions)