Water Division

The City of Garden City's goal is to provide you with water that meets and exceeds all the standards for safe drinking water. The health and safety standards are set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (ID DEQ). These standards set the maximum contaminant levels for approximately 90 contaminants that are allowed in drinking water.


Where Does My Drinking Water Come From?

The City of Garden City supplies water from a number of wells throughout the city. To ensure the safety of your water, we monitor before, during and after the treatment process. All of our sources of supply are monitored and tested every year. We also sample and test water directly from the distribution system on a regular basis. We perform tests for Chlorine residual daily and bacteria every month. We also analyze for inorganic chemicals, heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and radionuclides.
Garden City's water quality is presented in our Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), and provides important information about your drinking water. Both the EPA and the ID DEQ require water suppliers to provide this information to consumers. You can pick up a copy of this document at the main reception desk at City Hall, or download a Portable Document Format (PDF) of our CCR.

Public Works Water 208-472-2949