Memorial/Dedication bench example
Memorial/Dedication bench example

Memorial/Dedication Bench Program

Update  April 10th, 2023- Memorial/Dedication Bench Program has been suspended.


Memorial/dedication benches are a way to remember and pay tribute to loved ones.

The City of Garden City Memorial/Dedication Bench Program allows residents to dedicate a bench in a park or greenspace area under the control of the City of Garden City. The requestor works with City of Garden City Public Works staff to identify a location where a bench can be placed or currently exists to be dedicated to an individual. Due to the limited number of city-owned parks and greenspaces, this program will operate on a first-come, first-served basis. All memorial benches must be:

  •          Seat/Back: Recycled 2 in. x 4 in. durable, recycled plastic. Color: Cedar
  •          Seat Length Options: 4 ft. or 6 ft.
  •          Frame: Heavy-duty powder-coated steel. Color: Black
  •          Engraved lettering is available at an additional cost.


Residents interested in donating a dedication/memorial bench must submit an "Application for Memorial Bench" form to Public Works. Application(s) can be emailed to, faxed to 208-343-4026, or submitted in person at City Hall, Mayor's Office.

Upon receipt, the Public Works Director and Parks Manager will determine whether the request can be accommodated within the park or greenspace area requested. Staff will then work with the donor to identify a specific location.

Once a location for the new bench has been identified, Public Works staff will provide the donor with a cost estimate for the purchase of the new Memorial Bench. Public Works staff will work with the donor to finalize the donor statement for the dedication memorial engraving, available at an additional cost. The donor must remit payment to cover the cost of the bench(es) before ordering from the City.

Installation may take 4-5 weeks from the date bench is physically received by the city. This is subject to change and may vary depending on weather and staff availability.

If the bench is damaged, vandalized, or has degraded beyond repair after initial installation, the City will make every effort to replace the bench as funds permit and will cover the cost of replacement one (1) time. If the bench is damaged beyond repair after the one-time (1) replacement, Garden City will attempt to contact the donor based on the most recent donor information.