There is a 15 day appeal period where applicants or someone who provided written or verbal testimony on the application may appeal the decision.  If no appeal is received, the decision is final.  If there is an appeal, it will be scheduled in accordance with Garden City Code 8-6A-9: Link.  To appeal, please submit the Appeal Form (to appeal a staff, Design Review, or Planning and Zoning Commission decision), or Dangerous Building Appeal (to appeal a determination of dangerous building) to the Development Services Department physically at 6015 Glenwood Street or to  The fee to appeal is $210 plus the cost of the transcript, the cost of noticing, and any legal reviews required.


If the decision is made by the City Council, per Idaho Statute, a  reconsideration request may be made within 14 days of the formal decision being rendered.   There is not a formal form to fill out or a fee associated for a reconsideration.  State Statute requires that the reconsideration request include specific deficiencies in the decision.  If the City Council grants the reconsideration request a new public hearing will be scheduled. 


Final decisions are subject to a 28-day right to judicial review pursuant to The Idaho Administrative Procedures Act, Chapter 65 Title 67 Idaho Code.  A takings analysis pursuant to Idaho Code may be requested on final decisions.