Non-Residential Building Permit Application

Information related to building permits for any non-residential structure (commercial, governmental, non-profit, multi-family, etc..) 
Any changes to occupancy, alterations to an existing structure, or new construction requires a building permit. 

Design Professional Requirements

Per the International Building Code, the Project Owner must designate the licensed architect or engineer who is the project's Registered Design Professional in Responsible Charge.  Please refer to this section to see if there are any exceptions that apply to your project.


This section provides information related to the extension process and associated fees.

Extension Fee: $212.00

Once the fee is paid, we will schedule you for a City Council hearing.
The City Council meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at 6:00 pm.  

New or Changing Business

To conduct business, you may need to acquire a variety of business licenses and permits. Click here for Garden City specific requirements.

Conditional Use Permit

Every property in Garden City has a zoning classification. You may be surprised to discover that your property is zoned only for certain uses, but almost every city, large and small, pass zoning laws in an attempt to protect property values. Zoning improves a property’s value since property owners have some assurance of what may or may not be built through development or redevelopment in the neighborhood. For example, zoning laws may prevent you from operating a certain type of business on your property; but on the other hand it can also prevent others from opening a landfill facility on the lot next to your home.

Manufactured Home

This section provides information related to moving manufactured homes into a park.
If you wish to remove a home, please refer to the Demolition Permit Process. 

**If you wish to move a home onto a property that is not a part of a park, the home will need to be declared real property and meet the single family dwelling standards. 

Sign Permit Applications

A Sign Permit is required in order to erect, alter, or reconstruct any sign; or any otherwise nonexempt sign that does not comply with the requirements of an exempt sign.

Civil Plans (Public Works Application)

Utilized for grading and site preparation of large projects such as subdivision construction plans or large scale developments.  Also required for water and sewer taps to the municipal system.